2021 SIPA Excellence Awards

We are excited to share that two of our buildings were chosen for the SIPA Building Excellence Awards! These awards were selected by a...

Preissler Grain Bin

This project featured MFS Bins. Prominent aspects were a York leg, Brownie tower and stairs, and a NECO dryer.

JoJo's Gelato & Grill / Aurora, NE

We loved bringing JoJo's Gelato & Grill to life! This custom building has a lot of fun elements, from rafters to the mural inside (taken...

Smith Building

We enjoyed creating this custom-designed Chief Building.

Pebeck Project

We enjoyed creating a very custom look - a home/office space!

Plains Irrigation

Custom building made with Chief products. We transformed an older office building that was used for one business into two buildings and a...